…working with the Food Industry

Our involvement with the Food Industry ranges from training, through auditing to reactive trouble-shooting. We work with a broad range of food organisations, to ensure best practice and industry standards are achieved and maintained.


Project areas:


  • We provide training to food organisations on pest control, and on management of pest control contracts.

Best practice in pest management

  • We audit pest management procedures at food sites, to ensure best practice, due diligence, compliance with industry standards, and to ensure pest problems are minimised.

Trouble shooting

  • We carry out investigations into pest control procedures and infestation status, following reports of infestation or contamination.


  • If required, we act as Expert Witness in disputes over infestation.

Examples of recent projects involving the Food Industry:

  • On behalf of snack food manufacturer, investigate origin of insects in product.
  • On behalf of confectionery manufacturer, investigate performance of pest proofing devices.
  • On behalf of retail chain, investigate source of insect infestation in food product.
  • On behalf of nut processor, investigate complaint of rodent contamination.
  • On behalf of warehousing company, provide guidance on pest minimisation measures.
  • On behalf of baking company, provide training to staff in preparation for RSPH Level 2 exam.
  • On behalf of a consortium of food companies, investigate and report on the likely impact of a proposed nearby waste incinerator.
  • On behalf of milling company, act as Expert in dispute over alleged insect contamination.

"The presence of pests in food production and preparation areas has always been unacceptable.” Pest Control Procedures in the Food Industry, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, 2009.

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