...working with the Healthcare, Housing and Hospitality Industries

The Healthcare, Housing and Hospitality sectors have always been at risk of infestation, and vulnerable to media and political pressure. The recent bedbug upsurge has created still greater awareness of the need for higher standards. Although being very closely involved with bedbugs, we work with Facilities and Estates departments active on a wider range of other issues; the following provides an outline of the areas where we may be able to provide support to your organisation:


Project areas:

Training and communications

  • Training for staff, e.g. on pest control contract management, pest awareness and also pest prevention.
  • Preparation of material for pest-related information for clients, guests, residents, tenants and staff.

Investigation of ‘difficult’ pest problems

  • Investigation of persistent or difficult-to-control pest problems, finding causes, and defining solutions.

Purchasing pest control services

  • Support with pre-tender inspections, preparation of pest control contracts specific to your requirements, selection of tenderers, and reviewing of bids.

Auditing pest control services

  • We can provide regular audits to ensure that in-house pest control works follows good practice, and that you continue to receive good value from your pest control contractor.


  • We are regularly involved as an Expert Witness in disputes over infestation, and in organising and supervising remedial pest control work following Court rulings.

Recent projects on behalf of the Healthcare, Housing and Hospitality sector include:

  • Investigate and report on allegations of nuisance arising from mouse infestation in residential block. Prepare recommendations, including specification of remedial work to be carried out.
  • Following a Court Order, establish pest control specification, appoint a pest control organsation, supervise work, and ensure that riddance of Ghost ants from residential blocks was achieved.
  • On behalf of care-homes hotels and hostels, prepare and oversee riddance programme for severe bedbug infestations.
  • Conduct pre-tender survey of hospital sites, and prepare pest control contract and specification.
  • Manage riddance of severe bedbug infestation from large hotel by pest control contractors.
  • On behalf of a national hotel chain, prepare new pest control specifications, select tenderers, review bids and make recommendations.
  • Provide nationwide training on pest control contract management for Nominated and Authorised Officers in the health service.
  • Prepare training materials for use by hotel staff in detecting bedbug infestations.
  • Evaluate risk of mosquito nuisance to residents, arising from proposed extension of wetland reserve.

“The (human) living space is a personal and sacred space, the presence of insects or other animals may directly affect the quality of life there, and their presence is usually considered unacceptable.” Urban Insects and Arachnids, W. Robinson, 2005

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