...working with the Livestock Industry

Our involvement with the Livestock Industry typically revolves around houseflies. We work with livestock companies, local authorities and pesticide manufacturers, to ensure that best practice in fly control is achieved and maintained.


Project areas:


  • We provide training to livestock organisations on fly control issues.

Good practice in fly management

  • We investigate and review fly management programmes, to ensure best practice is achieved and maintained, and fly problems are minimised.
  • In cases of alleged fly nuisance, we conduct surveys for alternative fly sources and establish importance.

Pesticide product evaluation

  • We conduct field trials to establish the efficacy of novel fly control products in livestock units.


  • If required, we act as Expert Witness in disputes over fly problems.

Recent projects on behalf of the Livestock Industry include:

  • Provide guidance and support to egg producer on housefly management.
  • Provide training to free-range poultry producers on lesser housefly management.
  • On behalf of Environmental Health departments, investigate alleged fly nuisance, including surveys of potential alternative sources.
  • Act as Expert Witness in cases of alleged fly nuisance associated with livestock units.
  • Conduct field trials of novel fly larvicide in pig unit.
  • Conduct field trials of novel fly baits in poultry layer units.

“This concentrated production of poultry provides artificial ecosystems that are sometimes ideal for the development of large populations of arthropod pests.” Ecology and Management of Arthropod Pests of Poultry, R. Axtell & J. Arends, 1990.

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