…working with Pest Control organisations

We are continually involved with Pest Control organisations, both private and public sector. Our involvement spans the provision of training on national and local courses, participating in and running examination schemes, support on ‘difficult’ pest jobs, business reviews, and more. The following highlights areas where we may be able to provide support to your organisation:


Project areas:

Training and examinations

  • Development and provision of training, and running examinations and assessments.

Investigation of ‘difficult’ pest problems

  • Site surveys, pest identification, analysis of records and defining solutions.

Strategic support

  • Reviews of pest control activities, to improve structures and identify opportunities.


  • Acting as Expert Witness in disputes over pest control.

Examples of recent projects on behalf of Pest Control organisations include:

  • On behalf of London local authority, conduct detailed review and benchmarking of pest control section, and propose options to streamline business and increase revenue.
  • On behalf of local authority pest control liaison group, chair bedbug working party, and produce good practice guidelines.
  • o On behalf of a consortium of pest control organisations, conduct a survey of bedbug susceptibility to insecticides.
  • On behalf of pest control company, act as Expert Witness in dispute over effectiveness of pest control measures at waste site.
  • Provide insect identification service on behalf of national pest control product distributor.
  • On behalf of private pest control company, carry out independent assessment of challenging pest control problem.
  • Provide general pest control training for RSPH Level 2 exam, on behalf of pest control trade association.
  • Provide general pest control training for RSPH Level 2 exam, on behalf of pest control product distributor.
  • Plan and lecture on training course on mosquito management, for local authorities and private companies.
  • Provide revision sessions for candidates for RSPH level 2 exam.
  • Provide examination scheme for national pest control body.
  • Act as Examiner for trade and professional associations.

“Harmful ectoparasites and pests are increasing in prevalence and abundance. The reasons for this surprising and alarming situation are complex…” Emerging Pests and Vector-borne Diseases in Europe, Eds: W. Takken, B. Knols, 2007.

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