...working with the Pesticide Industry

We have a long history of working closely with the Pesticide Industry on a wide variety of projects. Inputs span project management of the efficacy evaluation of novel products, carrying out field efficacy trials, reviewing efficacy data for regulatory purposes , and providing strategic support to company acquisitions. The following provides an outline of the range of the areas where we may able to provide support to your organisation:


Project areas:

Research and development

  • Defining, coordinating and running non-crop insecticide product efficancy development and evaluation projects.
  • Design of laboratory and field efficacy protocols, selection of contract laboratories and agencies, and management of projects.
  • Conducting pesticide efficacy trials and projects.
  • Analysis and overview of efficacy data for technical and regulatory purposes.
  • Evaluation of pesticide application equipment.
  • Market research on non-crop pesticide topics.

Technical support

  • Investigation and resolution of operational issues relating to product use, product safety, insecticide application, etc.

Training and communications

  • Training for staff and customers, e.g. on product usage, pest developments, market issues.
  • Preparation of material for technical literature and brochures.

Recent projects on behalf of the Pesticide Industry include:

  • Planning, implementing and reporting on replicated field trials on the efficacy of spray, dust, granular and bait insecticides for control of a wide range of pests including Oriental and German cockroaches, bedbugs, wasps, fleas, black ants, exotic ants and houseflies on farms. Data used to guide product development and to support of registration.
  • Co-ordinate international laboratory and field efficacy trials of novel insecticides, across several separate collaborating laboratories.
  • Carry out laboratory evaluation of application performance of insecticide gel applicators.
  • Co-ordinate laboratory efficacy trials of novel insecticides for bedbug control.
  • Co-ordinate laboratory efficacy trials of novel insect monitors.
  • Review potential of novel insecticide classes for insect control.
  • Conduct international market research on professional, consumer, grain-treatment, and amenity insecticide markets.
  • Review and summarise efficacy data for PT18 insecticide dossier for regulatory submission.
  • Review company product portfolios in support of possible acquisition.
  • Investigate alleged insecticide intoxication incidents, report on findings, and make recommendations.
  • Investigate claims of poor activity of pesticides, carry out tests, and report on findings.
  • Train pest control staff in use of novel insecticide product.

“The last decade has seen considerable changes in the way we conduct urban pest control... Products are more efficacious, better targeted at the pests they seek to control, and create less risk to those applying them, those inhabiting the places where they are used, and, generally, to the environment.” The Biocides Business, Eds: D. Knight, M. Cooke, 2002.

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