...working with the Waste Industry

Our involvement with the Waste Industry typically revolves around houseflies. On behalf of waste management companies we advise on good practice in fly monitoring, prevention and control measures, while with regulatory agencies we are typically involved with the investigation of alleged fly nuisance.


Project areas:


  • We provide training to waste organisation on management of fly control, and of pest control contracts.

Advising on good practice in fly management

  • We investigate and review fly management programmes, to ensure best practice is achieved and maintained, and fly problems are minimised.


  • If required, we act as Expert Witness in disputes over fly problems.

Examples of recent projects on behalf of the Waste Industry:

  • On behalf of waste company, liaise with regulatory agencies over fly complaints and fly management techniques.
  • Provide training on good practice on fly management to site managers of national waste management company.
  • On behalf of local authority, investigate and report on fly issues at waste recycling site and investigate the importance of alternative fly sources.
  • Provide guidance to waste management company on alternative daily cover materials.
  • Provide guidance to pest control company on fly monitoring techniques for landfill sites.
  • Act as Expert Witness in case involving alleged fly nuisance from green waste and landfill site.
  • Act as Expert Witness in dispute between waste management company and pest control company, over standards of fly control.

“Ascertaining the source of insect nuisance can sometimes be a difficult and lengthy process, as premises which have high levels of insect infestation may be mistaken for the source when they might themselves also be sufferers.” Defra, Guidance on sections 101 – 103 of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act, 2005.

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