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We are a lean consultancy, but do important things for big clients. We enjoy a challenge, hard work and tight deadlines. Read on to see how we can provide support to your organisation…

Our Background:

The Pest Management Consultancy was established by Clive Boase in 1992, and was the first professional UK-based consultancy dedicated to urban pests.

Our Mission:

The key aim of the Pest Management Consultancy is to work in partnership with our clients to enhance knowledge, standards and performance and competitiveness in the management of urban pests and vectors. We believe that wherever possible, such progress should be evidence-based, i.e. that effective products, successful programmes and targeted solutions are based on sound evidence.

Our Clients:

Above all, we value our relationship with our clients, some of which have been with us for over a decade. We are privileged to work with a very broad range of organisations in the UK and overseas, including:

  • multinational insecticide manufacturers,
  • pest control organisations,
  • housing organisations,
  • health trusts,
  • hotel chains,
  • local government,
  • law firms,
  • universities,
  • food manufacturers,
  • professional bodies,
  • trade associations,
  • waste handling organisations,
  • publishing companies,
  • national museums,
  • high street stores,
  • and many others.

We appreciate that client confidentiality is very important in this sector, so no client names appear on this site.

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Our Professional Status:

Clive Boase is a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society, a Practising Member of the Academy of Experts, and a consultant member of the British Pest Control Association.

Clive Boase is on the Executive Committee of the International Conference on Urban Pests, is Technical Consultant to International Pest Control journal, an examiner for the Royal Society for Public Health and the British Pest Control Association, Secretary to the United Kingdom Mosquito Association, and chaired the European Society of Vector Ecology meeting in Cambridge in 2008.

Clive was awarded Syngenta’s Keith Cleverly award in 2007 for long-term contributions to the pest control industry, and was elected to the Pest Control News Hall of Fame in 2008 for contributions to the European Pest Management Industry. The Pest Management Consultancy is a partnership. We have full public liability and professional indemnity insurance. VAT Registration Number: 711 6146 67.



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